About Intentional Expansion

How did this whole thing even become a thing?

Two words: Divine alignment.

This entire process, from inspiration & copywriting, all the way through the design & self-publication, was divinely guided. It all flowed through me in just one weekend. Like a lightning bolt to the heart, inspiring & motivating me to surrender to the idea that wanted to be created through me.

Everything fell into place perfectly, including me “randomly” finding a budget-friendly online course that walked me through the ENTIRE process of technical implementation & printing.

This whole process has felt SO EASY.
And that’s how I know I was meant to create it.

Creating & selling a physical product has never been on my radar, until this idea fell into my lap.

Now that it’s a thing, I can look back & see how perfectly aligned it’s been for a long time. I actually bought this domain name “intentionalexpansion.com” back in 2020 with ZERO idea of what I’d be using it for. I just remember getting an intuitive hit, adding it to my cart, then letting it sit on the back burner.

And then affirmations & oracle cards have been a part of my daily routine for a while now. I listen to affirmations every morning & pull an oracle card almost every day. These practices allow me to tune into myself & get my mindset right before hopping into my work for the day.

They allow me the space to reflect & expand my business in a way that feels both exciting & intentional. And out of everything I’ve done to grow my business, this has been the real game-changer.

Now, I’m SO insanely grateful & excited to be sharing all of this with YOU!

I hope you feel the energy of empowerment radiating through each of these cards, just as I felt during the entire process of creating them. And while I have you here, reading this, right now, I want to say thank you. Thank you for being here. The world needs your unique perspective, your gifts, and your talents.

I’m excited to be on this entrepreneurial journey with you. Sending you so much love.

The human behind the cards

Hi! I’m Mariah, aka Mariah Magazine, the creator of the Intentional Expansion Affirmation Cards.

I’ve been in business for myself since 2015, first as a website designer, then an SEO strategist, and now I combine both, with a sprinkle of intuitive embodiment, as an online business coach over at mariahmagazine.com. I help online entrepreneurs level up & expand with intention so they can strengthen their online visibility, connect with the RIGHT people, increase their income, and become magnetic to the people they serve.

My approach? No hustle, no BS, just aligned action, more ease, more flow, and more joy.

When I’m not creating magic online, I’m hanging out in Buffalo, NY at local coffee shops, learning something new in a workshop class, or connecting with my intuition via mediations and card pulls 😉